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June 8, 2023

A message from Dudley Brown, President of National Association for Gun Rights

When I first helped launch Texas Gun Rights in Texas over a decade ago there was A LOT of work to do.

No open carry.

No campus carry.

No constitutional carry.

Hotels and apartment complexes could prohibit firearms.

The list goes on and on…

Since Chris McNutt took over at Texas Gun Rights, all of this has been REVERSED (with the help of countless pro-gun Texans).

With Texas being the primary destination of the great California Exodus, I fear all of this hard work may be undone.

That’s why I’m hoping you will read Chris’s message below and consider becoming a monthly donor to Texas Gun Rights.

Without ammunition, a firearm is merely a paperweight.

And without proper funding, Texas Gun Rights will not be effective against the onslaught of anti-gun voices in the Lone Star State.

Monthly donations help cover the day-to-day operational expenses, so all other money raised through mail, email, text messages and fundraisers can go directly to defend your rights as guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

You can read Chris’s e-mail below to see how Californians wreaked havoc on my home state of Colorado.

Thank you for everything you do.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown

Pro-gun Texan,

It is no secret Californians have been moving to Texas in droves over the past decade.

To those who fled to our great state seeking a better life — away from the heavy-handed, anti-gun grip of Gavin Newsome — we welcome you.

But to those who wish to transform Texas into something resembling what you left, we have a saying for you: “Don’t California my Texas!”

If you need to see what type of disastrous consequences a liberal exodus can have on Texas, you must look no further than Colorado.

Once a pro-gun, shining beacon for the rest of the country — with permitless open carry laws, and few “gun free” zones, Colorado is now a gun control haven… and it started with “common sense” proposals from woke California transplants.

First, the Colorado legislature passed universal background checks in 2013, and they made purchasers pay for them.

Then, they limited magazine ammo to 15 rounds.

Of course, that wasn’t enough, so they passed so-called “Red Flag Laws,” which allow you to report someone who owns a firearm, and then the state can legally take the gun away from that person… without due process and without any crime being committed.

When “red flag” laws failed to deliver the results gun grabbers promised, they decided to give local governments authority to make a patchwork of gun control laws across the state by dismantling state pre-emption laws.

Then, for good measure, they banned open carry at polling places, leaving Colorado voters defenseless at their voting precinct.

They were told these were “common sense” solutions that were already law in places like California.

Fast forward to today’s Colorado – the robbery rate has increased 25%, the rate of aggravated assaults has increased by 45%, and (this is the really shocking number) the murder rate has increased 62.3%.

Translation: Gun Control has failed Colorado miserably.

With a renewed mass exodus of Californians into Texas, we must be vigilant and NEVER allow this to become the fate of Texas.

It is more important than ever for you to jump in on the fight for our Second Amendment by becoming a monthly donor to TXGR.

Thanks to Texas Gun Rights members and supporters, TXGR led the ten year fight for Constitutional Carry and finally WON in 2021.

Sadly, many “leaders” in the Republican establishment believe their job is “done.”

In fact, instead of expanding upon the pro-gun midterm victories of 2022, the legislature REFUSED to ban “red flag laws,” expand Constitutional Carry, repeal “gun free” slaughterhouse zones, and pass a true Second Amendment Preservation Act that would penalize federal and state agencies from implementing Biden gun control in Texas.

Instead, they chose to codify parts of Biden’s gun control from the summer of 2022 into law by dumping tens of thousands of juvenile mental health records into the NICS Gun Ban Registry… even if they were non-violent, and had no criminal record.

This draconian policy only inches Texas closer towards Biden’s goal of Universal Gun Registration… and this was done with REPUBLICANS in charge.

That’s why Texas Gun Rights is committed to fighting for your rights — and holding politicians in BOTH parties accountable for their anti-gun actions.

We keep you informed.

We fight for you at the State Capitol.

We host events for gun rights advocates to network and get to know each other better.

We are even launching a legal foundation to defend you in the courts.

This is what your money is going towards.

Monthly contributions allow us to have better financial forecasts so we can be well-equipped to respond to ANY threat at a moment’s notice.

In fact, steady monthly donations allowed Texas Gun Rights to defeat a Military-Age Gun Ban and defeat an outright Universal Gun Registration scheme in 2023.

Monthly donors paved the way for TXGR’s organizing of nearly 27,000 emails to elected officials in Austin, more than 30,000 petitions signed opposing more gun control in Texas, and countless phone calls made to legislative offices.

That’s the power of grassroots activism. Those are the kinds of results you get when you become a monthly donor.

So, with that being said, can I ask you to become a monthly donor to TXGR today?

Thank you for fighting for our rights!

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Texas Gun Rights

Press Release: Texas Gun Rights Files Lawsuit Against ATF

June 8, 2023

The News: Today, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) filed a new federal lawsuit against the Biden Administration on behalf of over 200,000 firearm owners across America in coordination with National Association for Gun Rights Inc. (NAGR) and Texas Gun Rights, Inc. (TGR).
Our lawsuit argues that a new rule from ATF usurps Congressional authority by significantly expanding the definition of “rifle” under federal law, imposing potential criminal liability on millions of Americans for exercising their Second Amendment rights.
The Quotes: WILL Deputy Counsel, Lucas Vebber stated, “The Biden Administration cannot ignore Congress and this rule is a clear violation of separation of powers and a violation of the Constitutional rights of all Americans. Now that the ATF’s rule is in effect, it’s critical that we act now.”
Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights, “Biden’s ATF is a rogue entity, making rules that plainly violate the Constitution. Their rule on pistol braces has turned millions of gun owners into felons, overnight. We’re taking legal action to rein the ATF in and restore the rights of our members. We are pleased to partner with WILL to do just that.”
Chris McNutt, President of Texas Gun Rights, stated, “The ATF are acting like foot soldiers for the anti-gun Biden administration. Their abuse of power is both unconscionable and unconstitutional. Texas Gun Rights looks forward to overturning their draconian rule.”
Background: This new lawsuit comes after WILL secured a preliminary injunction for its clients in Britto V. ATF. Earlier this year, ATF adopted a new rule requiring 40-million gun owners to either give up their pistols or place their name on a registry and pay a tax. Under the new rule, ATF re-defines pistols with stabilizing arm braces as “short barrel rifles.”
Law-abiding citizens who do not register their pistols with ATF, or who are unable to navigate ATF’s notoriously slow red-tape-plagued process, face up to 10 years in jail and a potential $10,000 fine. ATF says gun owners must either register their firearm, “turn the firearm into your local ATF office,” or “destroy the firearm” before May 31st, 2023. That deadline has now passed and the rule is in effect. 
The stabilizing arm brace is an accessory that attaches to the rear of the gun and allows the rifle to be fired one-handed. It was created in 2012 to assist disabled veterans, so that they could fire guns with safety and accuracy.
WILL’s Preserving Democracy Project: This new federal Second Amendment case is part of WILL’s Preserving Democracy Project. The project enforces the structural limitations on government power, hold bureaucrats to the rule of law, and fight back against rogue government officials at the local, state, and federal level—who act beyond the authority given to them.
This is WILL’s 10th lawsuit against the Biden Administration.

The Legal Assault on Gun Owners

June 3, 2023

They’re never going to stop.

Gun control groups are expanding their anti-gun agenda on university campuses by urging law students to pledge to NEVER represent the firearm industry or its interests in court.


This audacious move not only undermines Second Amendment rights but also seeks to infringe upon the fundamental principle of fair legal representation protected by the Sixth Amendment.

Giffords and March for Our Lives aim to convince law students to sign a nonbinding pledge that denies the firearm industry representation in legal matters.

This direct attack on the industry is using verifiably false claims to blame the gun industry for violent crimes in America while disregarding the legal foundations of due process.

In turn, they’re using this to guilt prospective lawyers into never representing gun owners or anyone associated with the gun industry.

One of the primary FALSE claims made by these groups is that firearms are the leading cause of death among American children.

However, this claim has been debunked as it manipulates data by including young adults involved in gang violence in the category of children.

The true cause of childhood deaths is not firearms but other factors, such as motor vehicle accidents.

The firearm industry should not be unfairly scapegoated based on false statistics.

But Giffords and March for Our Lives have also launched their pledge drive on several prominent law school campuses, aiming to pressure law firms by suggesting that graduates who refuse to sign their pledge against the firearm industry or Second Amendment rights not be considered for their talents.

This attempt to manipulate the legal profession poses a grave threat to the principles of fair representation and the constitutional rights of ALL individuals.

Gun rights is facing threats on multiple fronts:

  • Anti-gun legislation in Washington and Austin
  • Unconstitutional executive orders by Sleepy Joe Biden
  • The ATF arbitrarily changing definitions and turning gun owners into felons overnight
  • The Fake news media acting as a megaphone for the Gun Control Lobby

Now, the Gun Control Lobby is pressuring law firms and students to NOT represent gun owners or the gun industry!


That’s why your support of Texas Gun Rights is so important.

If you haven’t already, please consider becoming a monthly Texas Gun Rights donor for $25 or even $35 per month to give us the resources to fight back against any threat at a moments notice.

Even $10 per month will allow us to improve our financial forecasting and allocate our resources toward the greatest need.

But if monthly isn’t an option, please consider a one-time gift of $50 or even $100 today. Thank you for all that you do!

For Freedom,

CJ Grisham, Esq.
Legal Counsel
Texas Gun Rights Foundation

This correspondence is not intended as attorney advertising or solicitation. It is not offered as legal advice, and it does not establish, nor is it intended to establish, an attorney-client relationship. For Identification Purposes Only.

TXGR Legislative Alert News

It’s over… for now (2023 Legislative Wrap-up)

May 31, 2023

The Texas Legislature gaveled out Sine Die earlier this week, declaring an end to an underwhelming legislative session.

Despite pro-gun candidates securing victories in the recent mid-term elections, Republicans in Austin largely turned their backs on gun owners for the 2023 legislative session.

Many House Republicans will tell you they “ran out of time” to take up many pro-gun measures championed by Texas Gun Rights.

They will tell you they ran out of time to pass a bill that would expand Constitutional Carry (HB 4554).

They will tell you they ran out of time to remove short-barrel firearms from the prohibited weapons list (HB 2705).

They will tell you they ran out of time to enact a strong Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB 5153).

They may even try to tell you they ran out of time to ban “Red Flag” laws (HB 1894) — yet it was two Republicans (Rep. Justin Holland and Rep. Sam Harless) who joined Democrats to kill the bill in committee.

But what did the Republican-controlled House of Representatives have time for?

They had time to conduct a political witch hunt of Attorney General Ken Paxton and vote to impeach him in a Kangaroo Court.

All because Paxton suggested Speaker Phelan resign for presiding over the Texas House while appearing intoxicated.


So where does that leave pro-gun Texans?

Read below for our brief recap of the 88th Legislative Session.

Inching towards Universal Gun Registration

Sadly, the Republican establishment chose to ignore the thousands of phone calls, emails, and petitions of Texas Gun Rights members and supporters, encouraging them to oppose bills that bring Texas in line with Joe Biden’s goal of Universal Gun Registration.

With the passage of SB 728, tens of thousands of juvenile records will now find their way into the NICS Gun Ban Registry, even if these individuals do not possess a history of violence or criminal behavior. This, of course, mirrors part of Joe Biden’s gun control found in the “Bi-partisan Safer Communities Act” of last summer.

More than 94% of firearms purchase denials have been attributed to “false positives” by the FBI-controlled NICS Gun Ban Registry, which was created in 1998. Most denials are due to individuals having the same or similar name as a prohibited person.

Texas Gun Rights firmly believes that rather than expanding the NICS Gun Ban Registry, it should be abolished entirely, and is calling on Governor Abbott to uphold Texas’ Second Amendment Sanctuary law and veto SB 728.

>> E-mail Governor Abbott <<

TXGR Members & Supporters KILLED the Texas Gag Act.

RINO Republicans went to extreme measures to try and hide their voting records from constituents in 2023.

With the Texas Gag Act (HB 1585), authored by Rep. Charlie Geren of Fort Worth, grassroots groups like Texas Gun Rights would be prohibited from talking about the voting records of politicians… unless they made confidential donor records and membership lists public.

Rep. Geren was one of many RINO Republicans who supported SB 728 (and opposed many other conservative measures).

Texas Gun Rights quickly mobilized its members against this anti-First Amendment proposal and encouraged the Senate to refuse to take up this bill after it cleared the House of Representatives, effectively killing this draconian policy for 2023.

Texas Gun Rights pledges to always maintain the privacy of its members and never handover membership lists to the government and will file a lawsuit if RINO Republicans ever pass this first-Amendment shredding law in years to come.

The Second Amendment Financial Privacy Act

For years, financial institutions have categorized gun store purchases as “miscellaneous retail” or “sporting goods.”

But thanks to lobbying by Gun Control, Inc., “woke” financial institutions began using Merchant Category Codes (MCC’s) to flag how many guns, or how much ammunition you buy.

If these institutions deemed your purchases “excessive,” they’d turn you over to law enforcement for investigation.

That’s why Texas Gun Rights fought for HB 2837, the Second Amendment Financial Privacy Act, which prohibits financial institutions from using merchant codes to track, report, or disclose our lawful purchases of firearms, ammunition, and accessories in the state of Texas.

HB 2837 passed and is currently awaiting Governor Abbott’s signature.

>> E-mail Governor Abbott <<

Reining in “gun free” zones

Pro-gun Texans across the state have long recognized the inherent dangers of so-called “gun free” zones.

Nearly 98% of mass shootings have occurred in these areas since 1950, yet public entities like zoos and libraries often exploit loopholes in the law by designating themselves as “educational institutions” to deter the carrying of firearms – under the pretext a school field trip or extracurricular activity could occur in these facilities.

Thanks to HB 1760, which was already signed by Governor Abbott, educational institutions will now be narrowly defined, reining in the abuse of these so-called “gun free” slaughter zones and allowing more Texans to be their own first line of defense.

Strengthening Texas’ Pre-Emption Laws

HB 3137 was sent to the Governor’s desk for signature and will prohibit municipalities from requiring gun owners to purchase liability insurance. This is a huge victory for gun owners as we’ve seen places like San Jose, CA and the state of New Jersey implement insurance requirements to discourage citizens from carrying a firearm by essentially creating a tax to exercise a Constitutionally protected right.

Moving forward

The Texas Legislature is now in the first special session of the legislature, but they are currently limited by the Governor to only consider property tax relief and border security.

While it is not likely that any gun-related policies will be added to the call for this special session (or future special sessions), it is always important to remember that we could be one tragedy away from weak-kneed Republicans caving to the anti-gun mob if, God forbid, we see another tragedy at the hands of a deranged killer.

So please stay tuned to Texas Gun Rights for future updates and consider becoming a monthly donor so TXGR has the resources to respond to ANY threat at a moment’s notice!

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Texas Gun Rights

Texas Gun Rights intention to litigate Texas Gag Act (HB 1585)

May 15, 2023

Fellow Patriot,

If the gun-grabbing politicians in Austin can’t beat us politically, they’re ready to resort to harassment and legal intimidation.

Texas Rights’ incredible effectiveness at fighting for pro-Second Amendment legislation has made shutting us down a priority for the Austin political establishment.

In fact, the Texas Gag Act (HB 1585) is aimed at SHUTTING down groups like TXGR — by prohibiting us from informing you of your politicians’ voting record.

The only workaround: reveal donor information to the government, which will be made publicly available for the world to see.

Should the dangerous Texas Gag Act become law, you can bet that Texas Gun Rights will fight tooth-and-nail to keep from having to turn over your private information.

In order to be prepared with the most effective defense possible, Texas Gun Rights President Chris McNutt has been advised to request Texas Gun Rights members, like you, to certify their opposition to the Texas Gag Act.

I have also sent a sternly-worded letter to Texas Senators on the State Affairs committee as a “shot across the bow” to let them know we will pursue legal action should they plow ahead with their dystopian plans.

Please sign your Stop the Texas Gag Act petition so we can prevent this attack on the First Amendment from ever seeing the light of day.

Rest assured, your petition will not make you liable for any further action, or put you in any danger of political retribution.

It will, however, assist Texas Gun Rights in fighting against gun control groups and their allies in the state government.

Please read the email below for more information.


 CJ Grisham, Esq.

Legal Counsel

Texas Gun Rights

 This correspondence is not intended as attorney advertising or solicitation. It is not offered as legal advice, and it does not establish, nor is it intended to establish, an attorney-client relationship. For Identification Purposes Only.

Help us STOP the Texas Gag Act (HB 1585)!

Fellow Patriot,

If the Austin political establishment has its way, this could be the last time you hear from me.

Under the guise of “Ethics Reform,” a majority of Texas House Republicans joined with anti-gun Democrats to silence the grassroots with HB 1585.

Better known as the Texas Gag Act, HB 1585 shreds First Amendment protected speech by suppressing our ability to hold elected officials accountable — and limit our freedom to engage in issue advocacy.

You can help us derail this assault on free speech in two ways:

  1. Call your State Senator and tell them to OPPOSE HB 1585, which silences the voices of grassroots activists: Click HERE to find your State Senator
  2. Sign your petition instructing your elected officials in Austin to STOP the Texas Gag Act.

On the surface, this bill may not sound like it has much to do with gun rights.

But this legislation could make it nearly impossible for groups like Texas Gun Rights to keep its members informed about politicians’ voting records.

If passed, the Texas Gag Act could force Texas Gun Rights to all but stop its most important programs by:

*** Effectively banning any mention of a politician’s name before a Primary or General Election, or during a legislative session.

That way anti-gun incumbents could coast to easy re-elections without ever being held accountable for their anti-gun records!

*** Forcing Texas Gun Rights to hand over the names, addresses, and employers of anyone who contributes to any TXGR effort.

This would open up many Second Amendment supporters to intimidation or WORSE from government officials seeking to silence their political enemies, resulting in a disastrous effect on all political speech.

This leaves patriots across Texas open to retribution, intimidation, and personal attacks from vengeful politicians and even from the “woke” cancel culture.

Rest assured, Texas Gun Rights would never, under any circumstance, roll over and give a heavy-handed government bureaucrat your personal information.

But I can’t say the same for any other grassroots organization or cause that you support.

That’s why I’ve got a team of lawyers ready to take the fight to the courts if the Texas Gag Act passes.

This fight isn’t just about TXGR, it’s about the right for you to hold your elected officials accountable, which is why we’re trying to avoid a costly legal battle and STOP the Texas Gag Act dead its tracks.

So call your State Senator and sign your “Stop the Texas Gag Act” petition RIGHT AWAY.

Leading the charge in the Texas House on this is Republican Rep. Charlie Geren — who authored the bill.

Geren, who already voted for a NICS Gun Ban Registry Expansion (HB 544) this session — had a host of bad votes on other conservative issues and doesn’t want to be held accountable for it… including his vote to allow anti-gun Democrats to chair vital committees in the Republican controlled legislature.

So if his Texas Gag Act bill becomes law, it would effectively help keep his and his colleagues’ bad voting records a secret by PROHIBITING Texas Gun Rights from talking about it.

And it just passed the Texas House of Representatives and is awaiting to be taken up in the Texas Senate!

Still not convinced this negatively affects you? Let me explain:

Currently, your donations to pro-liberty groups such as Texas Gun Rights remain private — as they should.

Considering most hard-working Texans simply do not have the time to go door knock, make phone calls, or engage in local activism, you can give to a group like TXGR to advocate on your behalf.

But if the Texas Gag Act becomes law, one day you may be called in to the boss’ office at work when suddenly you are notified your services are no longer needed there.

Did you violate any company policies? No.

Did you show up late or take too many sick days? No.

Did you fail to perform your job well? No.

However, the company’s “woke” higher-ups decided your politics are just a little too “extreme” for their taste and would rather you work somewhere else.

Even worse, as a gun owner, you may find yourself placed on any number of government watch lists or have a target on your back for simply supporting our Second Amendment rights.

All because your name appeared on a membership list.

With the hostility we see in today’s politics and cancel culture, these scenarios could easily become reality if the Texas Gag Act becomes law.

Right now, Texas Gun Rights takes the brunt of the attacks from angry pledge-breaking politicians.

But if they have their way, they could instead be coming after you.

Even if they pass the Texas Gag Act, TXGR will keep fighting for your rights.

However, it will cripple our efforts as we will be obligated to spend tens of thousands of dollars fighting it in in the courts, which would leave Texas ripe for the picking for anti-gun politicians.

That’s why the most efficient and effective way is to kill the Texas Gag Act in the Texas Senate.

By signing your “Stop the Texas Gag Act” petition, you can help STOP this draconian nightmare before it ever has a chance to see the inside of a courtroom.

Your signed petition makes it clear to your lawmakers that you are opposed to any legislation that would make it more difficult, or even illegal, for gun owners to hold them accountable.

We need all hands-on deck for this fight.

If you can afford it, a donation of any size is greatly appreciated.

But if giving isn’t in the cards for you right now, please sign your petition and forward this email to all your like-minded friends and family members.

Your First AND Second Amendment rights in Texas are at stake.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt


Texas Gun Rights

P.S. Under the guise of “Ethics Reform,” establishment Republicans are joining with anti-gun Democrats to silence the grassroots with an all-out push of the First Amendment-shredding Texas Gag Act.

If passed, Rep. Charlie Geren’s Texas Gag Act (HB 1585) would force pro-gun groups like Texas Gun Rights to hand over the personal information of their donors to the political class in Austin — or be prohibited from talking to voters about the voting records of their elected officials.

If they pull this off, it will cripple the efforts of grassroots groups across the state, rendering Texas ripe for the picking for anti-gun politicians.

Sign your “Stop the Texas Gag Act” petition immediately and include a generous donation of $5, $25, or $50 to help us stop this draconian legislation in its tracks.

TXGR Legislative Alert News

Texas Gun Rights Action Alert: HB 2837 & SB 728


May 13 2023

I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news is pro-gun legislation to protect the privacy of gun owners is moving through the Texas legislature!

House Bill 2837 is a crucial piece of legislation that will prohibit financial institutions from using merchant codes to track, report, or disclose lawful purchases of firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

This important bill has already passed through the Texas House of Representatives and is scheduled for a Senate committee hearing on Monday 5/15!

So please click the link below to email your State Senator to support HB 2837 today!

But i’ve also got bad news.

SB 728, a bill that codifies part of the Biden gun control signed into law last summer under the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act”, is scheduled for a vote in the Texas House on Tuesday 5/16!

This bill would dump tens of thousands of juvenile mental health records into the NICS Gun Ban Registry — even if they are non-violent and have not committed a crime.

Worse, SB 728 works retroactively — and it doesn’t matter if the person has overcome their mental health issues of the past.

But here is why it is really bad: more than 94% of current NICS denials for firearms purchases are “false positives,” meaning more than 94% of the people denied a firearm purchase are wrongly denied. Funneling more names into this already flawed system is only a recipe for disaster.

Not to mention, SB 728 continues inching Texas one step closer to Joe Biden’s goal of Universal Gun Registration.

As you know, registration is just the FIRST step toward outright confiscation.

So please click the link below to tell your State Representative to OPPOSE SB 728!

We’re nearing the end of the legislative session, which ends on Monday, May 29th.

That’s why your action TODAY is absolutely critical.

Thank you for all you do!
For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Texas Gun Rights

Republicans killed pro-gun bill in Austin!

May 12, 2023

Two weeks ago, two RINO Republicans WALKED OUT of a committee vote on HB 1894 to prohibit “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation laws in Texas.

That gave Democrats the numbers needed to stall HB 1894 on a 5-5 vote.

Texas Gun Rights launched targeted ads and directed thousands of Texans to contact committee members and their elected officials by phone, email, and in person office visits, encouraging them to bring the bill back-up for a vote — and force all members to vote for it:

Sadly, they refused to listen.

Due to legislative deadlines this week, the bill is now officially dead. Unbelievable.

So we need to know: do you support Democrat & RINO Republicans who support “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation?

Or do you support efforts to prohibit “Red Flag” laws in the state of Texas? You can answer below:



Thank you for your time and support.

— TXGR Staff

Kyle Rittenhouse Joins Texas Gun Rights to Fight Military-Age Gun Ban


Kyle Rittenhouse Joins Texas Gun Rights to Fight Military-Age Gun Ban

AUSTIN, TX. May 9, 2023 – Kyle Rittenhouse is joining Texas Gun Rights in opposing House Bill 2744, a Democrat-authored bill in the Texas Legislature which would violate the Second Amendment rights of Texans and prohibit military-aged individuals from possessing many types of firearms.

“My life has continuously been threatened by violent Leftists since I was found not guilty for exercising my right to self-defense with an AR-15. Under HB 2744, thousands of young adults just like me would be stripped of their right to self-defense. That’s why I am supporting Texas Gun Rights’ efforts to oppose this bill” said Rittenhouse, a 20-year-old Texas resident.

Chris McNutt, President of Texas Gun Rights, promised to defeat HB 2744 in the Texas Legislature and hold Republicans who support it accountable in their elections.

“18-year-olds can serve in the military, vote for leaders of our country, get married, and agree to life altering contracts. But Republicans like Justin Holland and Sam Harless have signed on to Democrat efforts to disarm them. Texas Gun Rights will defeat this legislation and make sure the constituents of any politician restricting the rights of gun owners will be made aware of their actions.”

Texas Gun Rights believes HB 2744 is unconstitutional and has promised to sue if it passes. TXGR believes they have a strong chance of prevailing in court due to recent federal court rulings declaring that the Second Amendment applies to 18–20-year-olds.

“Gun bans for military-aged adults have already been struck down in the country’s most liberal circuit court. They’ve been struck down here in Texas in a Fort Worth Federal District Court in Andrews v McCraw,” said McNutt. “If HB 2744 becomes law, we will take the fight to the courtroom, and we will win.”

   About Texas Gun Rights

Texas Gun Rights is the premier no-compromise gun rights group in Texas with more than 500,000 members and supporters across the state. TXGR fights tirelessly to promote and protect the Second Amendment rights of all Texans.

Republicans walking out on gun owners?!

April 28, 2023

State Representative Briscoe Cain’s HB 1894 to Ban “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation is on LIFE SUPPORT.

In fact, TWO Republicans needed to pass HB 1894 out of the House Select Committee on Community Safety WALKED OUT during the vote yesterday (Rep. Holland & Rep. Harless)!


Worse, yesterday was the last time that the committee was expected to meet for the session, meaning there are only DAYS remaining before legislative deadlines kill the bill!

It is critical you contact these three Republican committee members and tell them to pass HB 1894 out of committee before it is too late:

Rep. Justin Holland: (512) 463-0484

Rep. Sam Harless: (512) 463-0496

Rep. Dustin Burrows (512) 463-0542

Chairman Ryan Guillen: (512) 463-0416

After you make your calls, please click the link below to e-mail your elected officials, urging them to support HB 1894 to Ban “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation in Texas!

“Red Flag” Gun Confiscation, also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), allow government agents take away your guns based on nothing more than an accusation.

Perhaps your “Let’s Go Brandon” and “Come And Take It” bumper stickers triggered the neighborhood Karen who recently relocated to Texas from California, so they reported that you “might be” a threat.

No due process, no opportunity to face your accuser, and no crime committed.

Just your legally-owned firearms taken away, leaving you to fight a costly court battle without any guarantee of getting them back…

…and that’s exactly what these gun grabbers want – to take your guns and never let you have them again!

Ever since Sleepy Joe Biden took office, the Gun Control Lobby has been plotting to push “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation into law any way they can.

Thankfully, they’ve been unsuccessful at the federal level… but gun grabbers at the state and local level are looking to use these orders to strip law-abiding gun owners of their firearms without a crime being committed.

Instead of fighting back, Republicans in Austin are WALKING OUT on gun owners.


So please call the committee members listed above  and e-mail your elected officials to pass HB 1894 to BAN “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation RIGHT AWAY.

Your action today could make all the difference…

Your email to your elected officials shows that you not only want them to oppose “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation, but you want them to demonstrate true LEADERSHIP by supporting Briscoe Cain’s HB 1894 to BAN “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation in the state of Texas.

The louder we make our voices heard in the legislature, the better chance we have of scaring off those weak Republicans from becoming a squish.

But it will require constant vigilance from EVERY pro-gun Texan.

So please contact your lawmakers today.

Thank you for your continued activism and support!

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Texas Gun Rights