Anti-Gun Democrats Begging Biden to Sidestep Constitution

September 20, 2023

A cabal of over 60 anti-gun Democrats from both the U.S. House and Senate has penned a letter to President Biden, pleading with him to “use the full power of the executive branch” to enforce gun control.


They’re begging the President to ignore the Constitution and bypass Congress just so they can strip away YOUR God-given rights.

And who led this farcical parade? None other than Senators Elizabeth Warren, Raphael Warnock, and Dick Durbin, along with House members like Diana DeGette and Abagail Spanberger.

But let’s pause for a laugh, shall we?

Biden himself has already said he’s “powerless” to enforce gun control on his own.

That’s right, even Biden knows he can’t trample on the Constitution as he pleases — even though he tries his best to all the time.

Now, you’d think these anti-gun politicians would get the message and back off, right?


Instead, they’re doubling down with a ridiculous laundry list of demands that have nothing to do with addressing the real causes of gun violence in America.

For example, they want to force firearm manufacturers with Defense Department contracts to adopt a “code of conduct,” which is nothing more than a sneaky way to stop the sale of Modern Sporting Rifles to civilians.

These are the same rifles that you and I know aren’t “weapons of war” but rather, semiautomatic firearms that countless Americans use for sport, hunting, and yes, self-defense!


The craziness doesn’t stop there.

They’re also pushing for the Federal Trade Commission to ban firearm advertising under so-called “unfair and deceptive practices.”

You know what that really is? It’s an attack on your First Amendment rights! They’re not just going after the Second Amendment, they’re going after the First!

If you’re wondering why Congress hasn’t already rammed through this anti-gun agenda, it’s simple. Americans like you and me don’t want it.

We’ve made our voices heard, and even with majorities in both houses, they couldn’t get it done.

So here’s the bottom line: when Biden, a guy who’s no friend of gun owners, says he can’t unilaterally enforce gun control, you better believe that your loud voices are working!

Patriots, let’s keep holding their feet to the fire.

Our liberties are too important to let these political games chip away at them.

Stand strong, stay involved, and let’s remind these lawmakers who they work for.

Sign your petition to Stop Biden’s Assault Weapons” Ban

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