The Ammo Ban: Gun Control Lobby’s Backdoor Gun Ban

January 17, 2024,

The gun control lobby, facing hurdles in passing comprehensive gun control legislation, is once again changing its focus towards ammunition, targeting specific types of ammo used in popular firearms like the AR-15. This strategy aims to circumvent legislative processes, effectively enforcing a de facto ban on certain guns by restricting their ammunition.

You may remember that the Obama administration attempted to reclassify M855 rounds, commonly used in AR-15s, as “armor piercing,” sparking widespread criticism. Similar efforts are reemerging, with the gun control lobby advocating for bans on “military-grade” ammunition, particularly the 5.56×45 mm rounds. This ammunition, essential for the operation of America’s most commonly owned sporting rifle, is under threat, signaling an indirect approach to an “assault weapons” ban.

This tactic raises concerns about the infringement of Second Amendment rights, as limiting ammunition effectively restricts lawful gun ownership. Critics argue that such measures disproportionately impact law-abiding citizens while failing to address the root causes of gun violence. The debate continues as gun rights groups mobilize to protect access to ammunition, crucial for both self-defense and recreational shooting.

Texas Gun Rights is pledging to fight any ammunition ban legislatively and in the courtroom, and is even proposing that legislators in Austin file a bill that implements a “tax free” holiday on all ammunition, firearms and firearms accessory purchases in the state of Texas.

Beyond Rifles: The Broad Impact of Proposed Assault Weapons Bans

January 10, 2024 

The ongoing debate around assault weapons bans in the United States reveals a concerning trend toward broad restrictions on semi-automatic firearms, including commonly owned shotguns and handguns.

Recent legislative efforts like the GOSAFE Act, pushed by the Biden administration and supported by groups such as Giffords and Everytown for Gun Safety, are raising alarms among gun rights advocates.

These bans, often disguised as targeting “weapons of war,” or AR-15 style rifles, actually encompass a much wider range of firearms than many realize, threatening the rights of average gun owners.

The “assault weapons” bans are often predicated on cosmetic features like pistol grips or the capacity to accept detachable magazines, which are characteristics of the majority of firearms in America. This approach ignores the functional aspects of these weapons, where only one bullet fires per trigger pull, and instead focuses on superficial attributes that do not impact the firearm’s rate of fire or operational mechanism.

This issue was highlighted in the aftermath of the Perry, Iowa shooting, where a pump-action shotgun, not a semi-automatic rifle, was used. Despite this, gun control advocates Like the Newtown Action Alliance seized the opportunity to push for more stringent assault weapons bans. Such exploitation of tragedies for political ends undermines genuine efforts to enhance public safety.

In Texas, there’s growing concern about the response of some Republican legislators to these types of anti-gun initiatives. The Texas House committee responsible for gun legislation, under the leadership of Speaker Dade Phelan, has been criticized for many actions taken during the 2023 legislative session.

Notably, the committee voted to ban 18-20-year-olds from purchasing or possessing certain rifles (HB 2744), with Republicans Justin Holland and Sam Harless siding with Democrats.

Additionally, the committee failed to pass Texas Gun Rights-backed legislation prohibiting red flag gun confiscation laws (HB 1894) after the same two Republicans on the committee walked the vote, empowering Democrats to kill the bill. Another Texas Gun Rights priority, the Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB 5153), which would have strengthened Texas’ “Second Amendment Sanctuary Law” by adding penalties to agents enforcing unconstitutional gun control in Texas, was also killed without so much as a committee hearing.

Thanks to the pressure from Texas Gun Rights and other grassroots activists, HB 2744 was kept from receiving a vote by the full House of Representatives. But SB 728, which codified parts of Biden’s Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) into law by funneling more juvenile records into the flawed nics gun ban registry, passed through both chambers of the legislature and was even signed by Governor Abbott.

Sadly (and unsurprisingly), the National Rifle Association (NRA), traditionally seen as a staunch defender of gun rights, has made things worse by endorsing Speaker Phelan and other gun control-supporting Republicans like State Representative Glenn Rogers (Fort Worth) for the 2024 Republican Primary:

While the NRA credits Republicans like Phelan and Rogers for passing Constitutional Carry in 2021, they are seemingly overlooking their more recent anti-gun actions. 

Some say it is ignorance, claiming the NRA is an out of state organization that simply isn’t paying attention closely enough before deciding to meddle in Texas elections. Others say it is a willful attempt to protect the status quo and establishment Republicans in office so that they can build loyalty among politicians instead of gun owners.

According to Chris McNutt, President of Texas Gun Rights, this perceived “lack of accountability for politicians is a key factor to the defensive position gun owners find themselves in far too often in a “red state” like Texas, as elected officials deviate from their campaign promises and constitutional oaths.”

In response, Texas Gun Rights is actively preparing for the Republican primaries to hold these legislators accountable for their anti-gun actions, regardless if they once supported Constitutional Carry legislation or not.

The organization emphasizes the need to prioritize defeating the Biden gun ban agenda in November, advocating for unwavering support for the Second Amendment, and a return to principle-based gun rights advocacy.

This approach seeks to ensure that the rights of law-abiding gun owners are not compromised in the face of political pressure and media-driven narratives on gun control.

NRA’s History of Compromise Continues with Phelan Endorsement

January 9, 2024 

As the landscape of gun rights in America evolves, the National Rifle Association (NRA), once revered as a bastion of Second Amendment defense, finds itself at the center of critique and controversy.

The organization’s approach under Wayne LaPierre’s long tenure has been marked by decisions that many staunch gun rights advocates view as compromises detrimental to the core values of the Second Amendment.

Under LaPierre’s leadership, the NRA supported measures such as Gun Free School Zones, Red Flag Gun Confiscation, and the Brady Gun Owner Registry. These stances have raised eyebrows within the gun rights community, suggesting a stark contrast from the uncompromising defense of gun rights that the NRA is known for.

Furthermore, the NRA’s track record of endorsing political figures with mixed stances on gun rights, including Democrat Harry Reid, has added to the growing discontent among hardline Second Amendment supporters. This discontent is not just about specific policies but also about the perceived shift in the NRA’s overarching approach to gun rights advocacy – from staunch defense to a more conciliatory, compromising posture.

Adding to the concerns is the NRA’s historical role in authoring the National Firearms Act (NFA) and its apparent reluctance to support the elimination of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Such positions have not gone unnoticed by newer, more hardline gun rights organizations that have emerged in recent years.

Chris McNutt, President of Texas Gun Rights, is among those who have voiced strong criticism of the NRA and its former leader. According to McNutt, even post-LaPierre, the NRA continues to endorse politicians who do not stand firmly for Second Amendment rights. A prime example cited by McNutt is the NRA’s endorsement of Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan.

Phelan’s record includes supporting legislation that limits Constitutional Carry and campus carry rights for 18-20-year-olds, endorsing parts of President Biden’s Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, and influencing the composition of the Texas House committee responsible for gun legislation. This committee, under Phelan’s guidance, failed to pass significant pro-gun bills, including a measure to prohibit Red Flag Gun Confiscation and the Second Amendment Preservation Act. It also supported the ‘Glock switch bill’, restricting ownership of specific gun tooling and imposed transport restrictions on young adults.

“The NRA’s pattern of backing such measures and politicians contradicts the uncompromising defense of the Second Amendment we desperately need,” said McNutt. He stressed the importance of unwavering support for gun rights and criticized the NRA for its selective acknowledgment of pro-gun actions while turning a blind eye to measures that hinder gun rights.

This approach, according to McNutt, is not just a betrayal of the Second Amendment but also undermines the integrity of the NRA’s advocacy for gun owners. The selective recognition of achievements like the passing of Constitutional Carry, coupled with a disregard for actions that negatively impact gun rights, paints a picture of an organization in a state of internal conflict about its core mission.

Texas Gun Rights, under McNutt’s leadership, remains steadfast in its commitment to holding politicians and organizations accountable. The group advocates for the full protection of gun rights without any form of compromise, emphasizing the need for a clear and consistent stance in defense of the Second Amendment.

As the debate over gun rights continues to be a prominent feature of the American political landscape, the NRA’s approach and endorsements will undoubtedly remain under scrutiny. Advocates like McNutt and organizations like Texas Gun Rights seek to ensure that the defense of the Second Amendment remains unyielding and free from the influences that they believe have led the NRA astray.

2024 TXGR PAC Republican Primary Endorsements

2024 TXGR PAC Republican Primary Endorsements

Texas Gun Rights loves holding gun grabbing liberals accountable.

But our work is even more important when the gun grabbing liberals are so-called “Republicans” selling gun owners out.

That’s why we’re excited to say it’s officially Primary season in Texas! 

On March 5th, it’s Republicans vs. Republicans, and we are fully bought in to making sure that the Republicans that voted with Democrats and other establishment Republicans to support anti-2A bills – or to weaken/kill pro-2A bills – are held accountable for their actions.

Additionally, Texas Gun Rights PAC (TXGR PAC) is endorsing several candidates who pledged their unwavering support for gun rights, so gun owners know EXACTLY who they should support. You can see our endorsements below (list will be updated regularly):

*= Incumbent 

Brent Money, State Representative, HD-2

Tom Glass, State Representative, HD-17

Kyle Biedermann, State Representative, HD-19

Matt Morgan, State Representative, HD-26

Katrina Pierson, State Representative, HD-33

Wes Virdell, State Representative, HD 53

Mike Olcott, State Representative, HD-60

Andy Hopper, State Representative, HD-64

Mitch Little, State Representative, HD-65

Andy Hopper, State Representative, HD-64

Wayne Richard, State Representative, HD 66

Abraham George, State Representative, HD-89

David Lowe, State Representative, HD-91

Nate Schatzline*, State Representative, HD-93

Tony Tinderholt*, State Representative, HD-94

Barry Wernick, State Representative, HD-108

Briscoe Cain*, State Representative, HD-128

John Perez, State Representative, HD-133

Michelle Evans, Williamson County GOP Chair, Williamson County

Brandon Hererra, US Congress, CD-23

Julie Clark, US Congress, CD-23

Stay tuned to hear about how we’re targeting some of the worst “Republicans” that teamed up with party leadership and the Democrats to try and ship your gun rights down the river.

If you or someone you know are running for legislative office, print and fill out our survey here.

TXGR PAC Survey Background Briefing.

Reminder: Early voting begins February 20, and election day is March 5.

Keep an eye out for future TXGR PAC endorsements and happy RINO hunting!

Triumphs in Court and Legislature in 2023

December 27, 2023 

It has been a landmark year for Texas Gun Rights, marked by major legal and legislative victories. In a significant courtroom success, TXGR secured preliminary injunctions in two lawsuits against the ATF, challenging overreaching firearm regulations. This legal achievement underscores TXGR’s commitment to protecting gun owners’ rights at the federal level.

In the Texas Legislature, pivotal bills like HB 1760, HB 2837, and HB 3137 passed, bolstering Second Amendment rights in the state. HB 1760 reined in the misuse of “gun-free” zones, while HB 2837 and HB 3137 respectively ensured financial privacy for gun owners and strengthened firearms preemption laws. These legislative victories represent a significant step forward in safeguarding the rights of gun owners in Texas.

Despite these successes, TXGR faced a setback with the passage of SB 728, which aligns Texas closer to universal gun registration. Recognizing this as a temporary loss, TXGR is gearing up for a robust advocacy program in the 2024 Republican primary, aimed at exposing the voting records of politicians who supported SB 728.

In addition to these efforts, TXGR defeated nearly two hundred gun control bills proposed during the session, marking a record-high number of thwarted gun control measures. This achievement highlights TXGR’s relentless defense against any legislation that threatens Second Amendment rights.

Looking ahead, TXGR remains unwavering in its mission to ban red flag laws in Texas and to expand Constitutional Carry for more Texans. The organization continues to stand at the forefront of the fight for gun rights, ready to tackle new challenges and ensure that Texas remains a stronghold for the Second Amendment.

Gun Control Group Launches Disgusting Ad

December 23, 2023 

Earlier this week, we saw a truly disgusting ad put out by some gun grabbers:
We’re not going to show it to you here because we don’t want to boost their views, but here’s the gist: a young girl falls into a pool, and her mom gets down on her knees to pray instead of jumping in the pool to save her. Then random people show up and say, “We’re sending you our thoughts and prayers,” while the girl drowns.
It ends by saying guns are the #1 killer of American children.
It’s despicable.
The sentiment is obvious: prayers don’t do anything, and if we could stop the death of our children by taking action, we should do that instead of praying.
First of all, I’d argue we should always pray before we undertake anything. But that’s not the point.
These PACs and gun control groups just want one thing: to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens. Because we’re the ones who are actually going to follow the laws in the first place!
A deranged lunatic doesn’t care what the laws are before he commits a heinous crime, he just acts.
But if the groups responsible for this ad have their way, the 2nd Amendment will be completely eroded for every law-abiding citizen. And Gun Control Inc. is planning to spend millions in the upcoming election to make sure they get their preferred guys into office.
That’s why we have to match them, punch for punch, dollar for dollar. We know our supporter base doesn’t have billions of dollars to protect our rights, but we do have thousands of members. If every person reading this email right now chipped in $25, we’d have enough money to go after every single cowardly Republican in the upcoming primary.
We know some of you can give even more than $25. We’d be grateful if you could give $50, $100, or even $500 for this fight.
We can’t stand passively by while the gun grabbers come for our rights. We must arm ourselves with wisdom and prayer before we fight and then stand up courageously when the attacks come.
And they are going to keep coming.
But we are grateful to be working and fighting with people like YOU every single day.
For Texas and Liberty,
Chris McNutt
President, Texas Gun Rights

Texas Freedom Under the Stars: A Pro-Gun Christmas Poem

December 22, 2023

In Texas, where the Lone Star shines bright,
We celebrate Christmas with all our might.
Respecting our rights, in the Second’s true light,
We stand firm for freedom, day and night.

From El Paso to Austin, our spirits are high,
With family and friends, under the wide Texas sky.
Our firearms secured, as traditions apply,
We remember the Alamo, and the heroes that did not shy.

So here’s to Texas, and the liberties we hold tight,
Wishing all a Merry Christmas, and a New Year that’s right.
For in this great state, we stand united and upright,
Happy holidays from TXGR, keeping our gun rights in sight!

Setting the Stage for 2024 Elections

December 15, 2023

Texas Gun Rights (TXGR) is making strategic moves for the 2024 election cycle. In fact, TXGR is planning to spend more than we have ever spent in a Republican Primary before! Our plans focus on incumbents who voted against gun rights during the 2023 legislative session.

Public Awareness Campaigns

TXGR has already taken significant steps to hold anti-gun politicians accountable. We launched a billboard campaign in State Representative Glenn Rogers’ district and introduced, exposing Rogers’ anti-gun voting record.

This initiative is just a preview for what TXGR hopes to replicate across the state. In addition to billboards, TXGR is also planning to deploy a range of media, including TV and radio commercials, over-the-top ads, direct mail, text messages, and email campaigns, ensuring that gun rights remain a central issue of political discussions leading up to November.

Counteracting National Anti-Gun Forces

The urgency of TXGR’s efforts is amplified by the intensified focus of national figures like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros on Texas politics.

Following their success in turning Virginia blue, these influential figures are doubling down on Texas. The Giffords Gun Control group, supported by their funding, is actively hiring highly-paid staff in Texas, signaling a major continued push for gun control in the state.

Democratic Strategy in Texas

Democrats, drawing inspiration from the 2018 “Beto wave,” are rallying behind Congressman Colin Allred and State Senator Roland Gutierrez, both of whom are championing strict gun control measures in their campaigns against Ted Cruz.

This strategy, which saw several legislative seats turn blue in 2018 despite O’Rourke’s loss, poses a significant challenge to Texas’ pro-gun stance.

Mobilizing for Gun Rights

TXGR’s mobilization efforts over the next year will be critical in ensuring that Texas remains a stronghold for gun rights — by ensuring gun rights remains a top priority for state legislators heading into future legislative sessions. 

Texas Gun Rights Foundation bringing TXGR’s ‘No Compromise’ Tactics to the Courtroom!

December 14, 2023

Texas Gun Rights Foundation was established in February 2023 and has quickly emerged as a pivotal force in defending Second Amendment rights! In collaboration with the National Association for Gun Rights, Texas Gun Rights Foundation launched two significant legal challenges against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), targeting their unconstitutional bans on pistol stabilizing braces and forced reset triggers.

Understanding the ATF Bans and Their Impact

The ban on pistol stabilizing braces sought to reclassify firearms equipped with these braces as short-barreled rifles. This would subject them to more stringent regulations under the National Firearms Act. This move could have dramatically restricted the use of these braces, popular among disabled veterans and other shooters for providing stability and accuracy, and arbitrarily turned tens of thousands of law-abiding gun owners into criminals overnight!

The forced reset trigger was another device targeted by the ATF. The triggers allowed semi-automatic firearms to reset the trigger more quickly. According to the ATF, firearms with such triggers were to be considered “machine guns” which, like the pistol stabilizing brace ban, would put the triggers under strict regulation of the NFA… implementing a de facto ban for the majority of lawful gun owners.

Thanks to Texas Gun Rights’ lawsuits spearheaded by the Foundation, preliminary injunctions have temporarily blocked enforcement of these bans for members of the organization as they wait for a permanent ruling.

Facing the Threat of Universal Gun Registration

The Foundation is also closely watching the ATF’s proposal to redefine “dealer in firearms.” This change could mean many individuals, including private sellers, might be classified as dealers. This would prevent gun owners from selling, gifting, or lending firearms to others without first getting government approval, inching the U.S. closer to a form of universal gun registration without congressional approval. As every gun owner knows, registration is just the first step toward outright confiscation. Texas Gun Rights Foundation is preparing to sue the ATF in another lawsuit if the new rule is finalized and implemented as expected!

Supporting Kyle Rittenhouse in Civil Litigation

Beyond these regulatory battles, the Foundation has taken a proactive stance in supporting Kyle Rittenhouse. Facing multiple civil lawsuits, Rittenhouse’s legal battles continue despite his acquittal in criminal court. The Foundation has contributed several thousand dollars to aid his legal defense in 2023, emphasizing its commitment to individuals embroiled in self-defense cases.

Empowering the Grassroots Movements

Recognizing the power of grassroots activism, Texas Gun Rights Foundation is collaborating with Young Americans for Liberty and the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership to train activists in Texas. This initiative focuses on equipping individuals with the skills needed to run for political office and manage campaigns, essential for building a robust opposition to gun control initiatives.

Forging a Future for Gun Rights

Texas Gun Rights Foundation’s multifaceted approach — from challenging federal regulations to nurturing grassroots political engagement – helps position the Foundations as a key player in the ongoing effort to safeguard gun rights. As the Foundation continues its work, it stands as a beacon of hope for gun owners, not just in Texas but across the United States!