Biden launches renewed gun control assault!

December 6, 2023

Every day that congress is in session, our rights are at risk.

That doesn’t matter if it is Joe Biden or a Republican at the helm of the White House (although with Biden, things are MUCH WORSE)!

But with the recent introduction of the Gas-Operated Semi-Automatic Firearms Exclusion (GOSAFE) Act in Congress, Biden has launched yet another full-throated attack on gun owners across America.

This overreaching bill, introduced by Sens. Angus King (I-Maine) and Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), aims to ban standard-capacity magazines and many firearms that accept detachable magazines… and even goes as far as proposing a gun “buy-back” program!

As an ardent defender of the Second Amendment and a valued member of the TXGR community, I’m urging you to take immediate action.

Please contact Congress today and express your strong opposition to the GOSAFE Act!

Just click the link above and fill out your information on the page to look up YOUR elected officials in Washington.

When the pre-filled message loads, all you need to do is hit send! Or feel free to edit the script and write a message of your own.

If you feel so inclined, a phone call will help pile on the pressure!

Unsurprisingly, the GOSAFE ACT is supported by Bloomberg-backed “Everytown For Gun Control.” If passed into law, it would prohibit most Semi-automatic firearms — which are among the most used handguns, rifles and shotguns in America.

It’s kind of like Dianne Feinstein’s notorious “Assault Weapons” ban wrapped up in a new package.

Using the actions of a criminal in Maine as a basis for this bill, the GOSAFE Act would penalize MILLIONS of law-abiding citizens across the country and does NOT effectively address the root causes of gun violence (which have NOTHING to do with firearms laws).

Worse, such a ban sets a precedent for further restrictions — and could lead to a slippery slope where more types of firearms are targeted, gradually eroding our constitutional rights.

Nancy Pelosi would call it “a slippery slope.”

Not to mention, the bill already directly defies the Supreme Court’s 2022 decision in the Bruen case.

In that case, the Court emphasized that gun laws must be “consistent with the nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation” and pass Second Amendment scrutiny.

Bills aimed at limiting magazine capacity or banning an entire class of firearm are often sold as ways to reduce crime and “save lives”, but evidence shows time and again criminals do not adhere to such restrictions.

In reality, these types of bills limit the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves effectively.

In a life-threatening situation, the capacity to fire multiple rounds without reloading can be crucial for self-defense.

That’s why your voice is crucial in this fight.

By speaking out, you are not just defending your rights, but those of every American gun owner. It’s imperative that our representatives in Congress hear our collective stance against such restrictive measures.

Even if you know your congressman has a strong, pro-gun voting record, it is important they hear your voice — so they know you have their back!

But the time to act is now!

Together, we can ensure the protection of our Second Amendment freedoms for generations to come.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Texas Gun Rights

P.S. After contacting your congressman, please consider supporting Texas Gun Rights with a donation. Every contribution helps us fight for our rights and keep America free and safe.

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