Breaking: Abbott requests special committee to address ‘firearms safety’

June 2, 2022

Fellow Patriot,

It’s been intense the last couple of weeks.

Democrats and RINO Republicans have unashamedly capitalized off of a tragedy to try to pursue their dangerous agenda to destroy the Second Amendment.

And of course, one of the most self-aggrandizing politicians out there is Robert Francis O’Rourke.

Like a typical, ambitious Left-winger looking to climb the political ladder, he made himself the center of attention after the murders in Uvalde by interrupting the official press conference in the town to loudly parrot Democrat talking points.

Like many politicians, Mr. O’Rourke is an actor first and foremost.

He doesn’t bother with silly things like respect and principles because to Robert Francis the whole world is his stage and the people in it are just side characters in his big show. He even has a stage name.

“Beto” had his minute in the spotlight when he infamously screamed “Hell yes we’ll take your AR-15, your AK-47!” on the stage of the Democrat Presidential Primary debates….and had T-shirts bearing the threat ready to sell that same night.

But when he decided he’d like to be Governor, Beto changed his tune and said that he didn’t support a ban on these popularly owned rifles in an attempt to appear moderate.

Now that he sees an opportunity to raise campaign dollars from hyped up Democrats in California and New York, he has returned to screeching for confiscating America’s most popular rifle, along with a slew of other gun control laws.

Stand up to “Beto” by signing your “No New Gun Control” petition right away!

Worse, Governor Greg Abbott is succumbing to pressure by calling for the creation of special legislative committees to address “firearms safety.”

This is reminiscent of Abbott’s request for the study of “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation in 2018, or his 2019 creation of the “Gun Control Roadshow.”

By creating these committees, the gun control debate stays alive and well and gives anti-gunners free reign to continue raising money to push their radical agenda.

Sadly, there are even Republican members of the Texas legislature, Rep. Jeff Leach and Sen. Kel Seliger, calling for a special session on gun control so they can “just do something”.

That something is of course, handing your gun rights over to the Left in the name of compromise.

Texas Gun Rights supporters stopped Abbott’s “Gun Control Roadshow” in 2019 and that fight led to passing Constitutional Carry in 2021.

I point this out because I need you to see that there is a way forward.

If gun owners like you support Texas Gun Rights’ efforts, we will not only be able to defeat the push for gun control, but we can once again go on the offensive.

So please, sign your “No New Gun Control” petition right away!

On Monday, Chris sent our members an email asking if they would let Beto take your guns. One of our members sent back a response I just had to share:

This is exactly why Texas Gun Rights keeps fighting. And when the tyrants get dirty, we only fight back harder. No Compromise.

We are only able to do this because of YOU and thousands of Texans like you.

Texas Gun Rights is standing between the populace and those who would forcibly disarm them. And we are taking serious fire from the establishment.

But if I have you behind our efforts, there is no telling what we can accomplish.

I need your support more than ever to stop the machinations of gun grabbers in the top tiers of both parties.

That is why I hope that in addition to signing your petition, you will dig deep and give the most you are able to support Texas Gun Rights.

With the possibility of a special session being called, we cannot be caught unready.

I’m not sure what you can afford. Some can easily give $300, for others $20 is a stretch.

Whatever you decide, please know that I am grateful for your contribution to this fight.

So please give what you can to the fight.

Things are going to get more heated in the coming days and weeks.

With you fighting alongside me, I know we will be ready for battle.

For Texas and Liberty,

Bethany Young
Legislative Director
Texas Gun Rights

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