Cancelling Kyle Rittenhouse?

January 5, 2024

Earlier this week, our friend (and proud 2nd Amendment advocate), Kyle Rittenhouse, was blocked on Twitter by a politician.

This news might not surprise you. The establishment media has made Kyle into a controversial figure, so he deals with “cancel culture” on a regular basis.

But the most recent politician to block Kyle was a Dallas-area Republican, Representative Justin Holland. Kyle shared this picture with us:

Holland was one of the Republicans who voted to ban Kyle and other legal adults 18-20 from owning certain firearms for self-defense.  

TXGR was planning a debate between Holland and Kyle so Texans in Holland’s district could understand his views about basic gun rights. 

I guess Holland is afraid to defend his beliefs. *shrug emoji*

Unfortunately, Republicans like Holland exist all over Texas. And TXGR is the only group exposing their abysmal records!

Texans, like Kyle, have a right to basic self-defense just like every other law-abiding citizen.

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