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Committee REFUSES to vote on Constitutional Carry!

Committee REFUSES to vote on Constitutional Carry!

April 1, 2021,

The political establishment is back to its old tricks.

Instead of passing true Constitutional Carry legislation out of committee, they’re pushing out watered-down “permitless carry” bills full of compromises.

In simpler terms, Constitutional Carry House Bills 1238 & 2900 are being held hostage by the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee.

With legislative deadlines rapidly approaching, there is limited time to act!

Please call Chairman James White at (512) 463-0490 and encourage him to schedule a vote for HB 1238 & HB 2900 RIGHT AWAY.

Your message can be as simple as:

Please stop delaying Constitutional Carry and schedule HB 1238 & HB 2900 for a vote in committee! Texas Gun Rights will keep me informed of your actions.

If HB 1238 & HB 2900 die in committee, Texas will continue lagging behind the 18 other states with Constitutional Carry as law of the land.

That’s why it pains me to see that instead of voting for TRUE Constitutional Carry out of the House Homeland Security Committee, watered-down compromise bills, HB 1911 and HB 1927, were vote out instead.

If passed into law, these bills would create a patchwork of confusing carry restrictions that could allow otherwise law-abiding citizens to accidentally run afoul of the law by unknowingly carrying in areas they are restricted.

Under true Constitutional Carry, ALL law-abiding gun owners should be treated equally under the law — and there should be NO confusion about who should be allowed to carry or where they can carry.

Not only that, HB 1911 & HB 1927 restrict military-aged men and single mothers between the ages of 18 and 20 from carrying a concealed handgun to protect themselves and their families.

With federal law allowing law-abiding individuals at least 18 years old to own and possess a handgun, there is no reason these same individuals should be restricted from carrying it to protect themselves and their families.

At the end of the day, until heavily amended, HB 1911 and HB 1927 will NOT make Texas a Constitutional Carry state if passed into law.

Frankly, after years of the Republican establishment torpedoing our efforts in Texas, gun owners expect nothing less than TRUE Constitutional Carry legislation in Texas.

With 18 other Constitutional Carry states and two other states with bills awaiting to be signed by their Governors — passing Constitutional Carry in Texas is NOT that big of a lift for a state legislature supposedly dominated by “Republicans.”

And it certainly isn’t anything radical.

So blocking Constitutional Carry from a vote is nothing more than an attempt by the establishment to avoid going on record against the Second Amendment.

That is why I am asking you to call Chairman James White at (512) 463-0490 and encourage him to schedule a vote on true Constitutional Carry HB 1238 and HB 2900.

Constitutional Carry is a simple concept: if you can legally possess a handgun, you can carry it — open or concealed — without having to first beg for government permission.

It will take a lot of work to overcome the political establishment pushing compromise carry bills.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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