TXGR Schaefer Lays Out HB 1927

Constitutional Carry passes Texas House!

Constitutional Carry passes Texas House!

April 16, 2021

Constitutional Carry has finally been voted out of the Texas House 84-56!

It will now move to the Texas Senate.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical for pro-gun Texans to call Lt. Governor Dan Patrick at (512) 463-0001, and tell him to take up HB 1927 in the Senate IMMEDIATELY.

HB 1927 originally was only a limited “permitless carry” bill that would still require a permit to carry in many situations.

But thanks to your hard work, pro-gun amendments were added to make HB 1927 Constitutional Carry!

Two TXGR-authored amendments were passed improving this bill.

Representative Bryan Slaton presented an amendment guaranteeing foster parents’ right to carry in their vehicle without an LTC, and bill author Representative Matt Schaefer introduced an amendment banning municipalities from requiring an LTC for legal gun owners.

These amendments were crucial to fixing HB 1927 so otherwise law-abiding citizens wouldn’t accidentally run afoul of the law.

In addition to these, two other TXGR-backed criminal justice amendments passed.

One expunges prior convictions of otherwise legal gun owners carrying without a permit, and the other guarantees gun owners cannot be detained for simply carrying a gun.

Unfortunately, some good amendments were not accepted by the House.

Representative Jeff Cason offered an amendment guaranteeing military-aged adults 18 through 20 equal right to carry without a permit, but because this amendment was not accepted, HB 1927 will only apply to Texans 21 and older.

Representative Kyle Biedermann — who led the way for Constitutional Carry with his own House Bill 1238 — offered an amendment cleaning up Campus Carry by ensuring Texans on college campuses would also not be required by law to have a permit in order to carry.

Unfortunately, like Cason’s amendment, this one also failed.

Thankfully, even without these two amendments, Texas’ Constitutional Carry law would be one of the best in the nation if HB 1927 passes the Senate in its current form.

Now that the bill is headed to the Texas Senate, rumors in the capitol suggest Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has been working behind the scenes to kill HB 1297 BEFORE it was voted out of the House.

In fact, capitol insiders say he was behind the press conference by big-city law enforcement top brass and leftist police chiefs who attacked HB 1927.

Worse, rumors also suggest Patrick had Senators ON THE FLOOR trying to convince lawmakers to not add any pro—gun amendments to the bill.

That’s why it’s critical you call Dan Patrick at (512) 463-0001, and encourage him to take up HB 1927 right away and pass it quickly with no amendments — no compromise!

Seven Democrats bucked their party and voted for Constitutional Carry in the Texas House, so there is absolutely no excuse any Republican in the Texas Senate has to oppose this pro-gun measure.

But we are closer to making Texas the next Constitutional Carry state than we have ever been, and we would not be here without the constant pressure and financial support of our members and supporters.

Let’s finish the fight.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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