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Tell your lawmakers to support Constitutional Carry!

Tell your lawmakers to support Constitutional Carry!

February 24, 2021

I’ve got great news!

Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann filed HB 1238, the 2021 Constitutional Carry bill!

Since anti-gun Democrats DON’T control the State Legislature, you’d think this would be an easy fight…

Sadly, the GOP Establishment are the ones preparing to derail Constitutional Carry with competing, watered-down “permitless carry” bills and compromises instead of simply fighting to restore your Second Amendment rights.

How pathetic!

They’ll likely even get the support of the institutional gun lobby as they try negotiating your rights away…

That’s why Texas Gun Rights is going all-out to force a recorded vote on this very important piece of legislation.

And we’re going to deliver a BOLD message to every politician in Austin: support TRUE Constitutional Carry, NO COMPROMISE!

But your legislators MUST hear from you RIGHT AWAY!

Make no mistake, the fight for Constitutional Carry WON’T be easy…

After all, anything that’s worth fighting for is NEVER easy!

But it is because of YOUR past activism that we have made such progress year after year.

If you recall, it was thanks to YOUR pressure that we EXPOSED Republican Speaker Dennis Bonnen as the man behind the death of Constitutional Carry in 2019.

And thanks to you making him crack, we now get to call him FORMER Speaker.

But I know that’s not nearly enough…

Montana and Utah became Constitutional Carry states just this month.

Frankly, Texas has been lagging way behind the country when it comes to gun rights for FAR too long!

But with your steadfast support, we can make Texas the 19th state to pass this pro-gun, pro-freedom legislation in America.

That’s why TXGR is on the frontlines fighting for Constitutional Carry, to restore your right to defend your life and your loved ones without having to first beg for government permission.

No other organization has been mobilizing grassroots, gun-owning activists to fight for Constitutional Carry in Texas over the past 6 years like TXGR.

But our strength to FIGHT and WIN comes from YOU.

Bethany Young
Legislative Director
Texas Gun Rights

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