Texas Gun Rights Braces for a Tidal Wave of Gun Control Spending by Bloomberg, Soros in Texas

November 18, 2023

In a bold move that echoes their success in Virginia, billionaire activists Michael Bloomberg and George Soros are funneling unprecedented funds into Texas through gun control groups like Giffords, aiming to turn the historically red state blue and push through radical gun control measures. This initiative represents a significant escalation in their nationwide campaign to reshape America’s gun laws.

The strategic shift to Texas, a state known for its robust support of the Second Amendment, signals a new chapter in the battle over gun rights. The recent political shift in Virginia, which saw the state turn blue on election night due to similar efforts, stands as a stark warning to gun rights advocates in Texas. The playbook used in Virginia, heavily funded by Bloomberg and Soros, successfully swayed the political landscape in favor of more restrictive gun laws. This same formula is now being applied to Texas, with the Giffords group doubling down on its spending to achieve a similar outcome.

Texas Gun Rights, a stalwart defender of gun rights, is bracing for this intensified assault on the Second Amendment. The organization, renowned for its unyielding stance on gun freedom, is gearing up to counter this wave of anti-gun activism. The challenge is formidable, as these gun control groups are not only well-funded but also strategically savvy in influencing public opinion and electoral outcomes.

In response to this looming threat, Texas Gun Rights is not only rallying its base but also expanding its efforts to hold all politicians accountable for their stance on gun rights, regardless of party affiliation. The group has made it clear that it will actively participate in the upcoming election cycle, including the 2024 Republican Primary Election, to ensure that candidates who support gun control measures, whether on the left or the right, are challenged and held accountable.

The battle lines are drawn, and Texas Gun Rights stands ready to defend the state’s long-standing tradition of supporting the Second Amendment. The organization is calling on all Texans who value their gun rights to join in this fight against the well-oiled machine of Bloomberg and Soros-funded groups. The message is clear: Texas will not capitulate to outside influences seeking to erode its constitutional rights.

As the political landscape heats up, Texas Gun Rights remains vigilant, committed to preserving the freedoms that are fundamental to the Lone Star State’s identity. The fight to keep Texas a bastion of gun rights is more crucial than ever, and the organization is poised to lead this crucial battle for the soul of Texas.

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