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They’re negotiating your rights away…

They’re negotiating your rights away…

April 7, 2021

Constitutional Carry has stalled in the Texas House Homeland Security Committee!

In spite of pro-gun Texans overwhelmingly testifying in favor of TRUE Constitutional Carry House Bills 1238 & 2900, Republicans in the Texas Legislature are derailing it by pushing watered-down “permitless carry” House Bills 1911 & 1927.

And as I’ve previously warned you, they’re getting the blessing of the establishment gun lobby to do so…

It’s critical we send a loud message to the Republican establishment: pass TRUE Constitutional Carry, NO COMPROMISE!

Click here to email key members of Republican Leadership.

Licenses shouldn’t grant special privileges.

Under Constitutional Carry, any law-abiding citizen can carry in areas where someone with a license is allowed to carry.

This uniformity is crucial for preventing otherwise law-abiding citizens from accidentally running afoul of the law by carrying in areas they are prohibited.

But as currently drafted, HB 1911 and HB 1927 creates a patchwork of confusing laws and MUST be amended to keep law-abiding gun owners out of trouble!

Not only that, these bills also restrict single mothers and military-aged men between the ages of 18 and 20 from carrying.

Since Federal law allows law-abiding citizens at least 18 years old to possess a handgun, there is no reason they should be restricted from carrying it to protect themselves and their families!

That’s why it’s critical Republican leadership understand these important differences between Constitutional Carry and the compromise carry bills being pushed in its place.

Iowa became the 19th Constitutional Carry state just last week.

With Tennessee on track to becoming the 20th state to sign Constitutional Carry into law, Texas is far from being a leader on the Second Amendment…

Since anti-gun Democrats DON’T control the State Legislature, you’d think it would be easy for Texas to become the next Constitutional Carry state.

Yet, Texas Republicans are trying to appease anti-gun Democrats and weak-kneed members of their own party by pushing watered-down legislation.

And while Republican Governors of other states quickly sign Constitutional Carry into law, Governor Abbott is staying silent.

In fact, Governor Abbott has done NOTHING but make vague statements about making Texas a “Second Amendment Sanctuary State” without lifting a finger for Constitutional Carry.

Actions speak louder than words, and right now Texas Republicans are acting like anti-gun Democrats!
Make no mistake, we never expected this to be an easy fight…

After all, anything that’s worth fighting for is NEVER easy!

But it is because of YOUR past activism that we have made such progress year after year.

If you recall, it was thanks to YOUR pressure that we EXPOSED Republican Speaker Dennis Bonnen as the man behind the death of Constitutional Carry in 2019.

And thanks to you making him crack, we now get to call him FORMER Speaker Dennis Bonnen.

It is also because of your past activism that multiple Constitutional Carry and limited “permitless carry” bills were filed in 2021 — so your legislators understand they must DO SOMETHING.

Now, we must make sure they don’t get away with doing the bare minimum.

Pro-gun Texans expect nothing less than TRUE Constitutional Carry legislation in 2021!

With your steadfast support, we can make Texas the next state to pass this pro-gun, pro-freedom legislation in America.

That’s why TXGR is on the frontlines fighting for Constitutional Carry, to restore your right to defend your life and your loved ones without having to first beg for government permission.

No other organization has been mobilizing grassroots, gun-owning activists to fight for Constitutional Carry in Texas over the past 6 years like TXGR.

But our strength to FIGHT and WIN comes from YOU.

Being the state’s premier No Compromise gun rights lobby — defending your gun rights and pushing for Constitutional Carry 24/7 — requires a lot of resources.

So after you contact your lawmakers, I hope you will make your most generous contribution to help us keep fighting in Austin.

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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