We can’t let our foot off the gas!

Dear Patriot,

We must not let our foot off the gas.

Last year, you helped Texas Gun Rights defeat every gun control bill introduced in the Texas Legislature, while also leading the charge to pass historic Constitutional Carry legislation.

With another election season upon us, it is imperative we capitalize on the momentum YOU built.

And early voting for the March 1 Primary Election starts next week!

Radical anti-gun Leftists aren’t relenting on their quest to flip Texas “blue” — and many limp-wristed, gun-control-supporting sissies are hoping to ride the coattails of two-time loser “Beto” O’Rourke into legislative offices down the ballot.

Look, I’m under no false assumption Beto will EVER take hold of the Governor’s mansion in Texas.

But another “Beto wave,” like the one we saw in 2018, could set the table for a dangerous environment where establishment Republicans sell out gun owners for political favors.

If you’ve been following Texas Gun Rights for a while, you know exactly what I’m talking about…

That’s why Texas Gun Rights is going all-out to hold candidates for office accountable this election season — and why Texas Gun Rights PAC is doing all it can to elect the strongest pro-gun individuals running for office.

In fact, Texas Gun Rights PAC is endorsing ten pro-gun candidates across the Lone Star State!

★ Rep. Bryan Slaton – HD 2

Gun Rights Champion Rep. Slaton was crucial to not only passing Constitutional Carry in Texas, but also to amending the bill to protect the rights of foster parents carrying handguns in their vehicles.

Because of this, and his strong opposition to every gun control bill any legislator filed, he is also a recipient of the National Association for Gun Rights’ .50 Caliber Freedom Award.

★ Rep. Matt Schaefer – HD 6

Rep. Schaefer is the author of HB 1927, the 2021 Constitutional Carry bill. He also worked with TXGR to amend his bill to prevent liberal municipalities like Austin and Dallas from ignoring Constitutional Carry.

Along with Rep. Slaton, he received the National Association for Gun Rights’ .50 Caliber Freedom Award for his part in securing Constitutional Carry.

★ Patrick McGuinness – HD 52
★ Mike Olcott – HD 60
★ Jim Herblin – HD 61
★ Shelley Luther – HD 62
★ Andy Hopper – HD 64
★ Eric Bowlin – HD 70
★ Carrie Isaac – HD 73
★ Mark Dorazio – HD 122

Every TXGR PAC-endorsed candidate returned a 100% pro-gun Texas Gun Rights Candidate Survey pledging to fight for hardcore pro-gun legislation and reject every attempt at gun control.

And our surveys aren’t weak, “everyone gets an ‘A’ rating” surveys like we see time and again from the establishment gun lobby.

We don’t believe in participation trophies when it comes to defending your right to keep and bear arms!

With your support, TXGR PAC will keep weak-kneed politicians out of office and take over more of the legislature with truly pro-gun candidates.

In addition to the PAC program, TXGR’s election accountability program is running issue discussion in key districts of anti-gun incumbents like Stephanie Klick (HD 91) and Glenn Rogers (HD 60).

We are running mail, email, and digital ads to inform voters of Klick and Rogers’ votes against Constitutional Carry for military-aged adults, college campuses, and the dozens of Texas campgrounds on lands managed by the Lower Colorado River Authority — creating a confusing patchwork of laws that could land otherwise law-abiding gun owners in jail.

Rep. Rogers even publicly opposed Constitutional Carry before changing his tune once it was clear the bill would pass with or without him.

Pretend “pro-gun” charlatans like these cannot hide behind their lies when TXGR’s program hits their districts.

With our candidate survey, every single challenger to these incumbents who voted AGAINST pro-gun amendments are on the record pledging to vote FOR them in the Texas House.

How beautiful is that?

Holding politicians accountable during election season is necessary to expanding gun rights in Texas and stopping pushes for gun control next session.

The only reason Constitutional Carry ever became law is because your Texas Gun Rights consistently made politicians fear the repercussions of their votes come election day by mobilizing the gun-owning grassroots.

None of this would have been possible without the support of members like you.

The work you are supporting right now is crucial to passing legislation like Constitutional Carry expansion, a statewide BAN on “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation, and a true Second Amendment Sanctuary law that provides legal punishment for government agents who violate the gun rights of Texans.

If legislators will not do their job and fight for the gun rights of their citizens, their citizens should be informed of their actions.

That is exactly what your support allows us to do. And your hard work isn’t just affecting Texas.

As gun owners in other states saw the walloping you gave the anti-gun establishment in the Constitutional Carry fight, they started pushing hard for gun rights themselves.

“Why can’t we be like Texas?” is the rallying cry across the country.

But you know as well as I do that Texas doesn’t always live up to its pro-gun reputation.

Republicans Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick were pushing for “Red Flag” hearings just in 2019.

There is still a long way to go to make Texas the pro-gun state you want it to be for yourself and your family, and I am so grateful that I can stand with you to make that happen.

Every contribution you make to this fight gets us closer to a world where the promise of the Second Amendment is reality.

Help me show the political class that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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