The Ammo Ban: Gun Control Lobby’s Backdoor Gun Ban

January 17, 2024,

The gun control lobby, facing hurdles in passing comprehensive gun control legislation, is once again changing its focus towards ammunition, targeting specific types of ammo used in popular firearms like the AR-15. This strategy aims to circumvent legislative processes, effectively enforcing a de facto ban on certain guns by restricting their ammunition.

You may remember that the Obama administration attempted to reclassify M855 rounds, commonly used in AR-15s, as “armor piercing,” sparking widespread criticism. Similar efforts are reemerging, with the gun control lobby advocating for bans on “military-grade” ammunition, particularly the 5.56×45 mm rounds. This ammunition, essential for the operation of America’s most commonly owned sporting rifle, is under threat, signaling an indirect approach to an “assault weapons” ban.

This tactic raises concerns about the infringement of Second Amendment rights, as limiting ammunition effectively restricts lawful gun ownership. Critics argue that such measures disproportionately impact law-abiding citizens while failing to address the root causes of gun violence. The debate continues as gun rights groups mobilize to protect access to ammunition, crucial for both self-defense and recreational shooting.

Texas Gun Rights is pledging to fight any ammunition ban legislatively and in the courtroom, and is even proposing that legislators in Austin file a bill that implements a “tax free” holiday on all ammunition, firearms and firearms accessory purchases in the state of Texas.

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